These Phonak hearing aids are so much better than the other brands I’ve had.
After years of considering getting hearing aids and then months of being frustrated by the lack of straight forward and reliable information regarding brands,dealers,availability etc. I must say "THANK YOU"! Your knowledge and explanations coupled with your relaxed manner and patience was greatly appreciated. The time you've taken to adjust my fit and hearing levels has created a fantastic final result. I can hear you now!
D. Hering
I can’t believe what a difference your adjustments made to the aids I thought were a waste of money! I’m still going to need a few days to get used to the new sound, but so far, No Problem. My Wife thanks you too!
Best Hearing Aid I have ever owned. I’ve been trying for 7 years to find hearing aids to work for me, I even had to stop working because I could not hear.
P. B.
Life is good when one can hear well!
I don’t get this kind of attention at the other places I’ve been.
You changed my life.
Things have changed at our house!
I want to thank you for “restoring my hearing” by taking the time to adjust my hearing aids so that they now fit and work better than they ever have. The surprising thing is that my hearing aids were originally fitted by a hearing clinic, which is part of a reputable hospital on the west coast. But your work has definitely resulted in a huge improvement in the comfort and operation of my hearing aids. Using your knowledge and experience, you were able to determine what the problem was and then come up with the right solution. Then you tested my hearing while I was wearing the hearing aids, something that had not been done before. The adjustments you were able to make, using your computer, improved my hearing beyond my expectations!


Chris Adams


Board certified hearing aid specialist since 2007, graduate of Emory University. Member of Georgia Society of Hearing Professionals, Rabun County Chamber of Commerce, and the Clayton Merchants Association.

Nancy Adams



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